A close call with COVID, Weekly Music review and Monthly Music Book Club ( #100DaysToOffLoad Day 21)

So today should be the day where i post my impressions of the album i picked last week. Unfortunately this past week was a write off. Everything was fine at first but by Tuesday morning my wife was showing a few symptoms of COVID. Took all week to finally get her tested on Friday and we finally got the results back just yesterday. Negative! OOOF such a relief.

So the week was spent in self isolation working from home and complaining about the fact that it was taking so long to get her tested not much else was accomplished. I don't think i listened to any music at all. So last weeks album will become this weeks album. Check back next sunday for that.

Something else i wanted to talk about is #mmbc (Monthly Music Book Club) that was started by @uxintro@social.chinwag.org last month. The premise is simple. Pick an album and listen to it over a month or so then get together on XMPP to talk about it and pick another album. So far i think it's only @uxintro@social.chinwag.org , @mike@social.chinwag.org and me participating at least based on who is in the XMPP room. So come join us. search up #mmbc on the fediverse to find out more and see what we are listening to this month.

Well that's all for today

Until next time stay safe


#Music #Covid19

Until next time. Stay safe!

G @mgrondin@youdabomb.social