A musical Review and More on Esperanto ( #100DaysToOffLoad Day 20)

So for the last week pretty much the only music i listened to was Cyber World by FX Machine. Now i will try to put in a few words my experience.

From start to finish this album is a journey. The artist does a great a job of putting you on a distant cyberpunk planet where you get the feeling things are not always as they seem.

It open up with what feels like a tourist brochure almost. Welcoming you to the new world where things are promised to be great and better. At the same time something feels not quite right. An ominous feeling that can't be shaken. Each of the following tracks is like a journey into the underground culture of this new world. Each with there own feelings of things are ok but also there is a very dark side to the whole world/album. My words do not do it justice. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

For the next album i've picked an experimental EP from Sean Gadoury called Black Cat. I picked this one simply because of the name/album cover. Let see what this is like.

Now a quick update on my Esperanto progress. I am still committed to learning this wonderful language. I have found another resource to help me. Kurso de Esperanto. It's a free course with apps/programs for all platforms. So far i enjoy it. It has pronunciation sections to help improve that. Hopefully that will help with the progress i feel i'm making with only Duolingo.

Well that is all for now.

Till next time. Be safe!

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Until next time. Stay safe!

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