A new language and a new idea (#100DaysToOffLoad Day 19)

I have again decided to learn a new language. It's something i've tried a couple of times. First Spanish then Italian. I'm not 100% sure why i gave up on them. I think i just lost interest and with no one to practice with it was just boring i guess.

This time i have chosen Esperanto. Not a popular language and it might not be as useful as others in the world but the origin of it intrigued me so i had to look it up and at least start learning it. I've been at it for about 2 weeks using Duolingo on my phone for about 15-20 minutes a day sometimes more. So far i'm enjoying it. I can't hold a decent conversation yet but i'm getting there. Somethings i don't like about Duolingo is that it gives little explanation as to the rules of the language. For that reason i also looked for another learning resource to better understand things like the plural of words or actionable verbs/words. Maybe that would come later with Duolingo but not understanding those things made it harder to connect with the language. The second resource i found/am using is https://lernu.net. I've only done a couple of lessons on there because they do require a little more time to dedicate but they do provide more context for things. I will keep up with both as time permits(At least Duolingo each day) and keep posting updates on my progress. Maybe one day a whole post in Esperanto. I still wish i had someone to practice with. My wife and son are so far not interested in learning it as they find it a “silly” language since it's not popular. I have found a local(ish) Esperanto group that i may join/meet with at some point. I just feel like this early on i would be more comfortable practicing with people i already know. I hope the lack of practice partner wont cause me to give up on it...

Now as you can tell as much as i want to blog i struggle to find (meaningful/interesting) things to write about. To try and help remedy that i've decided to try something. Music is a big part of my life. Not playing it but listening to/feeling it. So i'm going to use that as something to blog about.

What i plan on doing is visiting bandcamp each sunday and choosing a random album to purchase and listen to for that week. The genre will differ as well from my traditional Rock/Metal/Punk to some new genre i'll try and explore like Synthwave(Dark,Retro) which i'm starting to really get into. The plan will be to listen to the chosen album almost exclusively for that week. From start to finish a few times to see how it flows together then randomly song by song to see how they hold up on there own. Then the following Saturday/Sunday write up my experience and share it here. I suspect the first few posts in this experiment will be ruff as i may struggle to put my experience into words but hopefully that will come with time. It'll probably help if i jot things down during the week then put it together at the end. This will do 2 things. First give me something to write about. Second(And maybe more important) it will give independent artists more exposure. There will be few “rules” to my selections but at least

Lets see what this leads to.

So lets get that started. This week i'll be listening to Cyber World By FX Machine This choice was made based on the album cover.

Check back next weekend for my post on that.

Until next time. Stay safe! and Take Care!


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Until next time. Stay safe!

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