Day 1 (#100DaysToOffload)

So the main write freely account ( boosted a post on mastodon and i decided to join in.

So for the next 100 days i will find something to post about. I'll also try to come up with better titles as time goes on but for today that's all you get.

I suppose just the above counts as a post but lets try to do something a little more.

I will share 2 things that i have been up to during this pandemic.

First i decided to try and write a short story as a way to put my typewriter to use. So far it's going ok. I only have 3 pages(written twice) but i have an idea where to go with it. Just need to figure out how to get there. Once it's done i'll post it here for sure.

Second i took up learning C++ as i stated in another post and that's been slow going as you can see if you look at the repo where i'm documenting the progress. I plan on sticking to it but i gotta stop just laying around during my off time.

I also recently made the switch to a different DE. I'm giving Qtile a shot. It's a tiling Window manager all in Python. So far i'm loving it. Next post might be about my current setup with it. I'm sure i will never quite use it to it's full potential but time will tell.

Anyways i suppose that's all for this post. Until tomorrow be safe and take care.