Google Recaptcha alternative ( #100DaysToOffload day 12)

Today's post will be a quick one. A while ago my work wanted a captcha added to our website forms re prevent spam. The only thing that i knew of at the time was google's recaptcha so that's what i put in place. After i doubled down on my anti-google(really anti-centralized) mission i knew i had to change to something else.

After a while of looking i found secure image

What can i say. It's free. Open source and easy to setup. Supports using a cookie or mysql database. It also offers different types of verification. Either text or math question. The amount of image distortion can also be configured. Overall i really like it. It just works.

Well that's about all for this post.

Until next time. Stay Safe!!

#Tech #SelfHost

Until next time. Stay safe!