My Podcasts listening

First I'll say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 12,022 brings much joy and memories.

So a while ago I asked for some recommended podcasts to listen to. I was looking for something to fill mostly my drive to and from work, my lunch hour on days I don't feel like reading and other moments where I needed something “quiet” to do for whatever reason. What better time then my first post of the year to share with you the ones I ended up with. In no particular order.

99% Invisible

This is probably my favorite. In each episode the host explores a topic that most of us have probably never heard or thought about or just something that we take for granted. For example the color of margarine or the fact that you used to be able to order a house in the mail to name just a few of the recent episodes.

Canadian True Crime

In each episode of this podcast the host presents the details of a crime that happened in Canada. Each are presented in great detail using many different sources of information from police records to news articles and witness/victim statements. Being Canadian this one hits home.

Geek to Geek

This one is just two geeks geeking out about things from video games to movies. Being a geek this one just made sense. It's all unscripted conversations(just talking point planed out) which I enjoy.

The geekbits podcast

This one is similar to the above but it features The 8-bit guy his brother and a long time friend just discussing different topics each episodes.

Nice Try!

This one is from a bigger podcast network and so far only has 2 seasons. Not sure if it's coming back for a 3rd. Both seasons are worth checking out. Season one takes a look at different attempts during history to create a “utopia” and why/how they have all failed. Season 2 goes inside the home and looks at products that have been sold to us that may or may not always live up to what they promise.

PineTalk Podcast

PostmarketOS Podcast

I'm grouping these two together as I listen to them kinda for the same reasons. To keep up with things pinephone/linux phone related. Both cover the topic from their perspective along with other things they touch(IE linux phones in general and pine hardware in general)

Most of these are now on a holiday break but should be coming back in the next few weeks so it is a great time to subscribe to them and check out some of the old episodes in anticipations of the new ones. I've been doing all my listening from my phone using the AntennaPod application. It's available from F-Droid and is a great easy to use application.

One last one that I'm been listening to in-between episode releases from the list above is The History of WWII podcast. This one requires little explanation. It explores different events leading up to and during WW2. It has 350 episodes so far and I'm up to episode 28.

Anyways that's it for today. Thanks for reading.


Until next time. Stay safe!