Oh Mondays how i loathe thee (#100DaysToOffload Day4)

So today started out messy. In true Monday fashion.

The company i work for brought back some of the employees that got layoffs. Which is great in general but how did i find out about it? When i started getting emails and call about this person and that person not being able to connect to the systems. Of course they can't connect because i disabled their accounts when they got layoffs...

So the morning was spent scrambling to get everyone's access restored and working from their new desktops (To maintain social distancing) so that was fun.

I wont turn all these into journal type ranting posts i swear but today's just had to be. I mean overall a good day trying to stay positive. In a way i suppose that's the point of doing this. Getting things out and not letting them bottle up right?

Anyways that's all for today.

Until tomorrow stay safe