Quick PinePhone update and new music (#100DaysToOffload Day 8)

So yesterday i tried using my PinePhone for a whole day. The results where promising but still some improvements. The latest Ubuntu Touch image now has notifications and ringtones. Also the timezone settings work properly(not a giant issue but something that's been bothering me). Call audio seems much better than last image i used. The remaining issues are around Power Consumption and sleep. The battery did not last half the day and when my wife called me after the phone had been sleeping for a while it did not ring and instead went right to voicemail.

Still the great improvement in call audio quality is a great step. I give it a month at the most and things should be in a much better position.

Another thing i did yesterday was pick up some new music from BandCamp. Since they where having another day of waiving there fees i figured i should pick something up. There was so much i wanted to get but in the end had to let my bank account decide. So i got the following:

Metropolis Deluxe Edition By NightCrawler First album i ever heard from this artist and i was impressed.

Dark Water By Electric Dragon Another First for me but was a must have.

And lastly

Bionic Chrysalis By DEADLIFE A great artist i already have 2 of his other albums. This one is a prelude to another album of his(The order of Chaos). Well i feel like it is not sure if it is officially.

I'll be getting more from all these artists in the future for sure. Give them a listen. Well worth your time.

Well that is all for today.

Until tomorrow. Stay Safe!