Time to get back at this ( #100DaysToOffload Day 17)

So first i must admit something. I got overwhelmed with posting everyday so i did what i always do. I gave up. Then recently i found this post redefining the challenge a little and making it less about 100 posts in 100 days but more 100 post in 365 days. That's something that should make this easier for me. I could have probably made this choice myself but i was really trying to stick to the challenge and instead gave up...

So with that i will do my best to reach 100 post before day 365 and if not at least i tried. So this post is going to be short and simple. A way to get my feet wet again if you will.

Things are finding a new normal here in the wake of COVID-19. Not that i think we are fully done with it but for now things are calm. As of next week we can travel between our 2 neighbor provinces so that's something. I have been back to working in the office since June 1st. Not much has changed there but we must practice physical distancing and wear a mask when walking around the building. Other than that it's the same. I'll be honest i miss working from home even tho i appreciate that being back in the office means things are finding a new normal i felt more productive working from home. It was an adjustment. Also back to seeing my wife and kids much less now as i work days and my wife works nights.

I've secured a new keyboard since last i posted but that will be the topic for another post. I'll do my best to find interesting things to write but also try to post every 3 or so days so some post might be lighter content.

Anyways i guess that's all for now.

Till next time stay safe!


Until next time. Stay safe!

G @mgrondin@youdabomb.social