To Hop or Not-To-Hop that is the question (#100DaysToOffload Day11)

Todays post is about my itch to distro hop. Back a few years ago it was something i did almost daily. Then i found Gentoo. I stuck with it for a few months then switched to Funtoo. 2 reasons prompted that switch.

  1. It used Git instead of Rsync for ebuild tree. Much faster sync

  2. Linux should be Fun-Too

I stuck with Funtoo for quite a while. Then they where going to do away with 32-bit support all together this meant that Steam would no longer work unless i setup a chroot or something which i felt was too much trouble(for some reason...looking back i should have probably stuck with it). They now have an “official” solution but only for Nvidia cards so no help to me. So after Funtoo i went to Arch it was an old faithful type choice for me. I had used Arch on and off during my crazy Hopping years so knew it well. I stuck with Arch when i get my new PC just over a year ago. A few month ago i made the lateral jump to Artix which is just Arch without systemd.

Now i'm getting the itch for something different again. I don't know if it's just something different or if it just a “Everything works lets break something...” type mood. I posted about this on Pleroma a few weeks ago and someone suggested i switch DE to see if that helps. I did that switched to Qtile. It helped at the time but now i'm back at feeling like i want something else...

I think part of my itch would require going back to something Source based like Gentoo/Funtoo. Steam support is important as i do game. I don't want to dual boot because i don't want to have to commit disk space to each distros then be locked into that choice.

I think in the end i'm going to end up going to Gentoo. It still has full 32-bit support which means Steam will just work. They even provide a nice guide for setting it up in a Chroot which i might do. It also comes with OpenRC by default which i like. I'm going to think on it some more the next few days and this might be my weekend project.

Now to address something. I embarked on this #100DaysToOffload journey but somedays i just can't find anything to write/post about. Instead of stressing about it i either skip that day or post a silly/insignificant post. In situations like that what should i do? Pleroma Poll

Also i know i should really just do this for myself in a way but sometimes it's hard to justify the time when i get little views/comments. Comments can be made by replying to this post on Pleroma/Mastodon. This is a new feature of WriteFreely so maybe most don't know about it. It now support Activitypub mentions. That's why i tag myself. Then if you reply i will get mentioned and we can have interactions about the post in question.

Anyways that is all for today.

Untill tomorrow. Stay Safe!!

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