Weekly music review ( #100DaysToOffload day 27)

So this past week i have been listening to Floppy Disk Overdrive by Master Boot Record and oh boy did i have no clue what i was in for.

This album stands on its own. I found it in the Synthwave listings but calling it that is a stretch. I would go as far as defining a new genre. Call it MetalWave or SythMetal or something. The songs have the structure and feel of metal with some very Synth elements. On first listen you just don't know what to expect. Every song takes unexpected turns for the better. It does take more than one listen to really appreciate it but now I can't stop listening to it. It's going to be hard to move on from this one. Highly recommend this one. You should not pass it up.

Moving on i must.

Next we shall check out Daze of the Future by Mr. 45. This one is a little older but i went to the Surprise Me listings of bandcamp and this one caught my eye. Lets see what surprises it holds.

That is all for today.

Until next time be safe!



Until next time. Stay safe!

G @mgrondin@youdabomb.social