Weekly Music review and a GopherHole (#100DaysToOffload Day 24)

So for today's post we start off with the weekly music review.

This wee i've been listening to Virtual Trails by Milchomalefic. I must say that with this week it's confirmed that my love for Metal(at least the heavier kind) is diminishing. I enjoyed this weeks album much more than last weeks.

The album lives up to it's name. It really makes you feel like you are traveling around some wonderful world. It is great music to be driving to. It's both calming and invigorating. It was pleasant to listen to when leaving work. Got me out of the workday mood. At the same time it's great to listen to while going to work. Helps me to wake up. I look forward to listening to this one for many years to come.

Now for the next album i'm going to cheat a little. What i'm going to do is use the album that i've already been listening to for #mmbc with @uxintro@social.chinwag.org and @mike@social.chinwag.org. Since this is the review week for #mmbc i figured i could double review it. The album is Punk/HC by Lavage. I wont say much but do yourself a favor and pick it up. Really pick up both albums i've mentioned here.

Check back next week for more music.

Now onto the next topic for today.

Recently(as in like Friday) i found out about #Gopher. A protocol that was around very early in the days of the internet i think it even pre-dates http. It basically does the same as http in which it serves content over the internet.

From wikipedia

The Gopher protocol /ˈɡoʊfər/ is a communications protocol designed for distributing, searching, and retrieving documents in Internet Protocol networks. The design of the Gopher protocol and user interface is menu-driven, and presented an alternative to the World Wide Web in its early stages, but ultimately fell into disfavor, yielding to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The Gopher ecosystem is often regarded as the effective predecessor of the World Wide Web

It really only support serving basic text but really that's all you need to get a point across. Mind you i'm still learning about it and i have seen mention of images and sound it can support but i have not experimented with those functions yet.

So i decided this was something i could do with one of my old Raspberry PI Model b(Rev.2) i have around. So i went about setting up a server. I also decided that it would be a great opportunity to really give BSD a go. So i went with FreeBSD for the operating system. So far i'm really enjoying it. It was fairly easy to setup and is even more easy to publish content to. Write up a text file and upload it. Voila that's it. I'm going to keep playing with this for sure and might even open up the server to some users if there is interest. I think it's nice to go back to that point in time of the internet. No ADs no one was really in it to make money. Much of it(The internet) was about sharing and exchanging ideas. That is now so often lost...

Anyways if you want to check it out have a look at my GopherHole(Writefreely wont make the link clickable you will have to copy paste):


Sadly most modern browsers have long dropped support for the gopher protocol but thanks to some add-ons it can still be browsed. The add-on i use/recommend is OverbiteWX/NX as it works with all major browsers. Other browsers that support it that i have tired are lynx(CLI based) and Dooble. One thing that i'm still figuring out is if all clients are created equal. So far it seems not or it seems some documentation on the syntax supported is inaccurate. But the basics should work across all clients.

Anyways that is all for today.

Until next time. Be Safe!


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