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The tale of 2 WebServers #SysAdminLife (#100DaysToOffload Day 5)

So today's post will be a bit of a repeat of something i posted on pleroma earlier today.

Up until now i have been using Apache as a webserver. Over the years it has served me(and my pages) well. I've known about Nginx and that it was another option for a while. But since it was a late comer Apache was what i started with and kept with it as most guides where talking Apache at the time.

Recently (like the last few years) that has changed at a fast pace but i have not. Now i'm thinking it's time i do. Or at least seriously consider it. I read a few comparisons today and all placed Nginx ahead of Apache in terms of speed and scalability. Mind you what i run/host right now is mostly single user/little traffic but who knows what the future holds. Also most of the Apache configs i use now where either found online after many searches or are very bastardized conversions of Nginx configs that the project provides.

So now the task of learning how Nginx is configured so i can understand what i'm looking at and best practices when crafting configs. Also the task of deciding when i'm making the switch.

I'm thinking maybe that will happen this weekend since i have regular scheduled maintenance anyways. If not then maybe mid may or with the june maintenance we shall see how much i can learn between now and Saturday. And if i feel up to it in general. I just want to be comfortable with the layout of config files and make sure i understand how to include them and where they live.

I'll update here when i do it. I'll probably make a post out of the transition.

Anyways that is all for today.

Until tomorrow be safe.