Weekly Music Review ( #100DaysToOffload Day 23)

So this week will be a quick post. During this past week i have been listening to The Record Of The Returning Race by Pagan Spirit. First i'll be honest i have not listen to the whole album yet so i may revisit this one later but i did want to keep the schedule of posts going.

This album is a pure metal album from the first second there is no doubt what you are in for. Simply RAW power in music. Great heavy rifts paired up with fairly low growly vocals make for a wild ride. If you are a metal fan do yourself a favor and check out this album.

Along the way i realized something. Maybe my musical tastes are moving away from such metal. I did not find myself enjoying it as much as i was expecting or even as much as i have enjoyed other metal albums in the past. Maybe it was simply due to being more tired than normal this past week or my musical tastes truly changing. Time will tell if this keeps up. Like i said i'll revisit this album for sure.

Onto the next one. Because of the above feelings i've gone with something less like my usual tastes. This weeks album is Virtual Trails by Milchomalefic. A brand new release in the darksynth/synthwave genre. Synthwave is a genre i started exploring at the start of this year(2020) and i've quite enjoyed it. Lets see where this one takes me.

Before i leave you for another week i'll just plug my #Peertube channel just because i'm finally doing stuff with it. Find that here

Well that's all for now.

Until next time. Be Safe!


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Until next time. Stay safe!

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