Weekly Music Review and New Endeavor ( #100DaysToOffLoad Day 22)

So last week i checked out Black Cat by Silver Dunes. This short EP is classified as Experimental music and i suppose i can see why. It is not quite like anything else i've ever heard. I listened to the whole EP around 5-7 times. The first time, i'll be honest, i was not sure how i would listen to it again. But in the spirit of the “project” i gave it another listen. Every listen after i found myself enjoying it more. It is still not the kind of music i would listen to all the time but it's enjoyable. It's to describe exactly what this album is like because i little reference for something like this. It's worth a listen for sure. Where it think it would fit it great is as ambiance music to a casual sit down party.

So now this week i will be listening to The Record of the Returning Race by Pagan Spirit. I chose this album both because the album cover was interesting and because i wanted to return to something i am more familiar with. METAL! Can't wait to give this one a listen.

Now something else i've wanted to delve into was recording/posting videos. Either game play or software feature. But i never found just the right tools to do so. But now that i found out about OBS i think i can accomplish this very easy. So i've purchased a inexpensive mic to get started and plan on trying my hand at it. I wont set any kind of schedule for video releases it will be whenever i find/make the time. I will probably do a few different things. Some game walk/play through and some one offs of other games. I'll be posting these exclusively on my #Peertube instance.

Videos will be posted here for gaming vids and here for more general/random things.

Now that i have a mic i plan to restart my play through of Full Throttle so i can add some commentary to it. Should be able to get at least part one done in the next few days(i hope) so watch for that.

At some point i MAY start streaming as well. After i get a little more comfortable doing it but for now it will be just posting.

Well that's all for now.

Until next time. Be Safe!


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Until next time. Stay safe!

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